Fur Felt and Wool Cowboy Hats

High-quality men’s wool and fur felt cowboy and Western-style hats are more than just fashion statements: When you spend long days working outdoors or on the ranch, your hat shields against the snow, wind, and rain. For comfort and durability, choose materials made for performance, like felt crafted with genuine rabbit or buffalo fur or wool. These men’s felt hats from brands like Stetson Cowboy Hats, Resistol Hats, and Greeley Hat Works are available in a variety of styles and crown shapes, including cattleman, brick, and pinch-front. You’ll stay comfortable all day thanks to the interior sweatbands that wick away moisture and wide brims that are large enough to keep sun or rain out of your eyes. Refer to our Hat Sizing Guide to find your ideal felt hat size, then choose from a range of fur color and crown styles for the perfect, hard-working accessory.

What Is the X Rating System for Cowboy Hats?

The cowboy hat X rating, or X-factor, is an indicator of how much fur is used in the felt—the more Xs, the higher the fur content, the better the quality. For example, a 5X beaver felt hat has more beaver fur in it than a 4X, making it a better quality hat. The higher the X rating, the softer and more durable the hat. Felt hats with no fur content do not include an X-factor rating.