Country music and the country woman may have changed drastically over the last 100 years, but the core of what a cowgirl has never changed. Long skirts and frilly blouses are still perfect for long sunsets—but not every day is a slow setting sun with candlelit evenings. A cowgirl still wants what she's always wanted then as she does now: she wants clothes that are functional, but still essential to who and what she is.

Leggings have come a long way too, over the years and they've evolved into the flawless cowgirl must-have in any wardrobe. Our leggings can be worn in all or any situation. Mucking a stall at 7 am? Slip on a pair of our extremely durable high waisted black leggings where one size fits most and you can be off and out the door in no time!

When it's time to kick back and relax, we have a selection of leggings for evening activities, dressing up, or just to wear around the house. For comfortable, cowgirl style our suede fronted full length, soft suede knit moto will soon be your go-to. Beautiful, high-fashion stitching with clean cut lines and the most touchable suede knits against your skin will make a girl feel like she's in the lap of luxury regardless of where she is.

The Moto designs as well as our high-quality leggings can stretch easily. With our skinny fit our leggings won't bunch or bulk up in your boots, and the high rise will support a lady's waist and remain where she puts it without that annoying roll-down that happens with other leggings.

The core of a cowgirl has always been about freedom. Freedom to move in ultimate coziness, where she wills and how she wants. With our rugged yet stunning carefully selected collection of women's leggings our loyal cowgirls will be on the move in comfort, down-home elegance and all the freedom she needs to be all that she is and more.