Hat Storage and Protectors

Hat Cans, Storage Solutions, and Protective Pre-Treatment Sprays

Keep your cowboy hat in top condition with the storage solutions and pre-treatment products in our collection. Before you set foot outside, pre-treat your cowboy hat to protect against water spots and weather-related damage—we carry cleaners and water-repellent treatments designed for use on leather, suede, and felt. For travel and storage, a hard-sided cowboy hat can or protective hat box keeps your Western hat in top condition, no matter where the road takes you. Explore protective covers, storage solutions, and felt or leather treatments to keep your favorite accessory in top condition, wear after wear.

How to Store a Cowboy Hat Properly

When you store your cowboy hat on a shelf, always rest it upside-down—on the crown rather than the brim—to keep the pressure off the brim and prevent damage. If you want to put your hat on display, a hat stand is an ideal solution to keep the brim in pristine condition and prevent damage to the crown. A hat stand also allows ample airflow so your Western hat is always fresh and ready for your next adventure.

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  • Cowboy Hat Retainer

    Cowboy Hat Retainer

    If you own a quality hat... you need this tool in your toolbox! This Cowboy Hat Retainer will keep your hat in top shape and comfortable on your head! This hat keeper will reduce shrinkage and warping while your hat is in storage...
  • Hat Rest
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    Hat Rest

    • Hat Rest • Black • Plastic • Helps Hat Keep its Shape
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