Hat Cleaners

Hat Cleaners

Cowboy Hat Cleaners

Keep your cowboy hat looking its best with the soft brushes, spot treatments, and felt cleaners designed specifically for use with fur and wool felt Western hats. When you provide the proper care, your cowboy hat will last years—long enough even to hand down to the little cowboys in the family.

Cleaners and Treatments for Cowboy Hats

For basic hat care, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning, including brushing away debris after wear and spot-treating as necessary. To remove more stubborn stains, choose a cleaner formulated for specifically for leather, felt, or wool hats. Keep your cowboy hat looking like new with cleaning formulas designed for light- or dark-colored hats, and pre-treat to prevent future spotting, grease stains, or damage. The cleaning formulas and brushes in our hat accessories collection will keep your hat in top shape for years to come.