Men's Crushable Wool Hats 

Ideal for the rugged man who’s always on the move, our crushable wool cowboy hats stand up to whatever you can dish out. A crushable hat—also called a packable hat—is made to look good after being scrunched, stuffed, or folded. A packable hat is the perfect travel companion; shove it in your suitcase or the glove box of your truck and pull it out when you need it. That’s not to say it won't carry a lived-in look. It may have a few creases or wrinkles once it’s straightened out, but that’s what makes a crushable hat so unique. And with a little time and steam, you can reshape and restore your crushable Western hat.

Crushable Cowboy Hats and Fedoras for Men 

Our crushable hats are lightweight and durable, perfect for stowing away and packing into a pocket or duffle bag—find options in oiled leather, wool, or a fur blend. Crushable water-repellent wool hats are made for outdoor adventures, with an interior sweatband that keeps you dry during the busiest days on the ranch or hiking trail. If you're looking for a classic fedora style for dressy occasions, we offer wool hats complete with a grosgrain band and eye-catching feather accent. We also carry crushable men’s hats from Stetson constructed in a striking combination of high-quality fur felt and Merino wool, proudly made in Texas. These crushable cowboy hats are easy to wear and care for, crafted in wool with a leather band for a traditional Western look. Browse our collection of crushable and packable men’s hats to find the best option for your busy lifestyle.