Hat Care and Accessories

Cleaning Supplies and Accessories for Cowboy Hats

Keep your cowboy hat in top condition with cleaners and accessories designed for use with wool, fur felt, and leather. The hat cleaners in our collection are formulated to remove spots, grease, rings, and stains and restore your Western hat to its original glory. Use a soft brush to sweep away dirt and dust, apply a mess-free sponge- or spray-on formula, then clean to restore the hat’s original color and felt nap.

When it’s looking as good as new, accessorize with a leather or beaded hat band that brings a little personality to your favorite Western hat—and use a hat rest to help retain the hat’s shape while you store it. Our collection of hat care products and accessories keeps your cowboy hat in great shape, even if you wear it every day.

How to Clean a Cowboy Hat

The best method for cleaning a cowboy hat is to follow the instructions provided by the hatmaker. If you no longer have the manufacturer’s care and cleaning instructions, follow these basic steps to clean your wool, fur or faux felt, or leather cowboy hat.

Step 1: Always hold your hat properly while cleaning—by the sweatband—to avoid warping or damaging the brim or crown. Use a soft, dry brush (natural fibers are best) to gently sweep away the dust, dirt, and debris that have gathered. Work counterclockwise, from the crown down to the brim. This step may be completed as often as necessary.

Step 2: Use a cleaner designed for leather or felt—sponge or spray on as required, then buff away to restore the material.

Step 3: For leather hats, apply a conditioning cream. For felt or wool hats, apply a protective water-repellent to prevent staining and damage from the elements.

To clean a straw hat, use a clean, light-colored cloth or brush to wipe away any dirt or debris—a dark cloth may transfer dye to the straw. Wet the cleaning cloth if necessary to blot out stubborn stains, and wipe in a counterclockwise motion. If you still cannot remove the stains, take your hat to a professional for a thorough cleaning.

Note: Never use harsh detergents, water, or a hairdryer, and do not put your hat in the washing machine or dryer.

Proper Cowboy Hat Care

To keep your cowboy hat in great condition, ensure you’re caring for it properly—beyond regular cleaning. Store your cowboy hat the right way so it retains its color and always fits properly. Don't store cowboy hats in direct sunlight—this includes on the seat in your truck—or the sun will damage the material and bleach the color. Avoid resting your hat brim-down as it can cause warping. Cowboy hats should rest on the crown, or be hung on a hat stand or hat rest. This helps the hat retain the appropriate shape, without stretching or warping. You may also choose to store your hat in a hatbox. If your hat gets wet, allow it to dry fully away from direct heat—a hat stretcher can prevent shrinkage. Mild cleaners or hat sponges can help buff out rain spots and protective sprays can prevent future moisture damage. Always brush away dust or dirt and spot clean stains following proper cleaning instructions.

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  • Cowboy Hat Retainer

    Cowboy Hat Retainer

    If you own a quality hat... you need this tool in your toolbox! This Cowboy Hat Retainer will keep your hat in top shape and comfortable on your head! This hat keeper will reduce shrinkage and warping while your hat is in storage...
  • Hat Rest
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    Hat Rest

    • Hat Rest • Black • Plastic • Helps Hat Keep its Shape
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  • Scout Hat Stiffener - 8 oz.
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    Scout Hat Stiffener - 8 oz.

    Extend the life of your cowboy hats and keep them looking fresh with this Scout Hat Stiffener. It’s designed to mimic the process of hat stiffening that happened during the production and shaping of your hat, and it’s easy to apply; simply...
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