Cowboy Hats

Men's Cowboy Hats in Leather, Felt, and Straw

No Western wardrobe is complete without a cowboy hat, and we carry a range of size, shape, and style options to suit every need. Find durable leather hats crafted to stand against rain, wind, and snow, lightweight breathable straw hats that keep the heat of the sun off your head, and crushable felt and wool hats that hold their shape no matter what you put them through. Choose from classic cowboy hats built for long days and hard work, and designs stylish enough for formal occasions. We carry options from the top names in the Western hat business, including Stetson Cowboy Hats, Greeley Hat Works, Ariat, and Resistol.

How Do You Choose a Cowboy Hat?

There are three key elements in choosing the right Western hat: Fit, material, and shape. Because Western hats aren't adjustable, you need to determine the right size to ensure a comfortable, snug fit. Your hat should stay on your head, no matter how active you are, or how windy the weather. If you haven't had yourself professionally measured for a hat, that’s a good first step. You can measure yourself for a cowboy hat, too—but finding the right size hat is imperative, so check the measurements carefully.

Hats are important functional wardrobe pieces, made for more than style alone. Don't discount the performance features offered by the materials and brim or crown designs. Straw hats are breathable and lightweight, perfect for sweltering weather or long days spent under the hot sun. Both felt and leather offer long-lasting durability, and the higher quality the materials, the longer your hat will last.

When selecting your Western hat, consider the crown height and brim width: Your hat size and shape should complement your face shape, but remember that a wide brim keeps the sun off your face and neck, and a large or vented crown promotes airflow to keep your head cooler and more comfortable. Some of the most popular Western hat styles and crown shapes include:

  • Cattleman
  • Brick
  • Gus
  • Pinch Front
  • Fedora-Style

How to Find the Right Cowboy Hat Size

To find the right cowboy hat size, use a flexible measuring tape to measure. Start in the middle of your forehead, directly above the eyebrows, and stretch the measuring tape around your head. The tape should be above your ears, where your hat will rest. Record your measurement in inches, then refer to our Hat Sizing Guide to find your ideal hat size. After you've found the perfect cowboy hat, customize it with a Western-style hat band and buckle that shows your personal sense of style.

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