Crushable Western Hats for Men 

Take your favorite Western hat on any adventure with a men’s crushable wool or leather cowboy hat. A crushable cowboy hat is meant for packing: Throw it in a suitcase, tuck it in a pocket, stuff it in a backpack, or cram it in the glove box without worrying about damage. A crushable hat made with oiled leather is an ideal all-weather topper, ready to keep the sun out of your eyes, slick away rain during a storm, or block snowflakes in winter. Crushable, packable leather or wool cowboy hats are lightweight and durable, and styles from top hatmakers like Stetson are made with high-quality materials that look great no matter what they go through. One of our favorite qualities of crushable hats is that they build character with every wear.

How Do You Pack a Crushable Cowboy Hat?

A crushable felt or wool cowboy hat should be rolled before packing so it’s fresh and crisp when you remove it from your bag. Rolling is also recommended when stashing your wool cowboy hat into a pocket at dinner or a suitcase for travel. Rolling is not recommended for long-term storage, but packable hats will quickly spring back to their original form after a day or two in a suitcase.
To roll your packable hat:

  1. Remove the hat and smooth out any pinches so the crown is rounded.
  2. Fold the hat in half at the crown so it lies flat. (Some refer to this as taco-style because it should look like an empty shell.)
  3. Start at one side and roll the hat all the way across.
  4. Now that your crushable hat is folded, slip it into a pocket or suitcase.

When you're ready to wear your packable hat, unroll it and smooth out any wrinkles. Pinch the crown and straighten out the brim, then you're ready to go. For stubborn creases or wrinkles, use a bit of steam to reshape your wool hat.