Straw Western-Style & Cowboy Hats

When the sun is high overhead, reach for a straw cowboy hat to keep the rays off your head and neck. Lightweight, breathable straw hats in traditional Western styles are designed for cooling, sun-blocking comfort so you can get the job done. Vented crowns in hat shapes including brick, cattleman, and pinch front provide the classic cowboy look you want, with plenty of airflow for comfort. From well-known Western hat makers like Stetson, Resistol Hats, and Ariat, you know these straw hats are crafted for quality. These brands are dedicated to craftsmanship, and the straw styles perform just as well as the traditional options you know and love.

No matter where you find yourself in the heat of summer—in the saddle, on the ranch, or exploring a new trail—a straw hat offers the breathability and protection from the sun you need. These hats are more than just accessories: A straw cowboy hat is made to work as hard as you do, as long as you do. With vented designs for airflow and a variety of brim designs and sizes, you can choose the hat to suit any job, occasion, or destination.

Find hats crafted from long-lasting materials like raffia, palm leaf, natural straw, and sisal. These breathable materials are paired with moisture-wicking sweatbands to keep you cool. Explore durable straw hats crafted from high-quality straw, casual, distressed styles made to top off jeans and a cowboy shirt, and polished white straw hats for special occasions: We have hats to suit every need.

What Does the “X” Mean for a Straw Cowboy Hat?

The X Factor rating is a sign of quality and is used for hats crafted of fur or straw. The higher the X-rating, the higher the quality. The best quality straw hats are made from natural straw that's properly grown, harvested, and prepared before it is woven into a hat. Explore our collection to find handwoven hats constructed from rugged, top-quality straw.