Boot Accessories

Boot Accessories

A great pair of well-made boots is an investment for life. The better you care for them, the longer they will last. Perhaps one of the best things about a pair of boots is that the longer you wear them, the better they look. When trying to achieve that lived-in look for a pair perfectly broken in, there are certain boot accessories to help you in the journey.

We offer a complete selection of cowboy boot accessories to help keep your feet happy and make your pair your favorite go-to for footwear. One of the most important elements of breaking in or maintaining a pair is ensuring comfort. With our selection of specialized insoles, both to replace existing insoles and options to add in addition to the existing insole, find the option that is right for you. Whether you prefer an option with gel infused heels, deep heel cups, or a thinner option for just a slight increase in cushioning without changing the fit of your boot, we have a range of options to fit your exact needs. Many of these insoles are made with moisture wicking and antimicrobial materials, as well as improved air flow for better breathability. While insoles are important cowboy boot accessories, they are only part of our collection. We also feature an array of socks to keep your feet comfortable and avoid any friction. Available in a variety of lengths and designs, these socks even come in youth sizes for the whole family. Another element of proper boot care is tending to the appearance of the leather. Our selection of boot accessories includes cleaning and care sets to ensure you have what you need. We even have replacement laces and heel tips in various colors. From boot hooks to travel bags for easy storage, find everything you need to make sure your style investment lasts for years and years!

Nestled in the heart of the Tennessee Smoky Mountains, we know a thing or two about western wear traditions. We are honored to be your source for all your boot related needs! If you have any questions, please contact us today.