Pet Accessories

Pet Accessories

A cowboy and his dog. They are as inseparable as a cowboy or cowgirl with their horse and perhaps, a little bit more so. Long before they were the iconic duo on the silver screen with such legends as Roy Rogers and his dog, Bullet, the loyal dog and cowboy have been side by side with hardworking ranchers on the range since the Old West era. For many decades, dogs have protected and served, both cowboy and stock. Ask any cowboy about what's integral to his ranching lifestyle and he'll no doubt bring up his dog.

There's no greater reward at the end of a long, dusty day than the tongue flashing grin of a dog who is just happy to see you. He's been with you every step of the way so far. Stages West believes he, like you, deserve the best of the best whether it's gear for working or something a little extra during downtime. Get your beautiful dog a pet gift as a reward they deserve!

We're working side by side with some of the most trusted brands that bring the highest quality to you, just as you've trusted us to do so for the last 44 years. With our hand-picked collection of pet gifts featuring dog beds, collars and so much more you know you are getting our approved finest athletic, outdoor, durable accessories for your faithful companion.

No matter what size he may be, your dog has the heart of a warrior and the loyalty of a best friend. He's there for you whenever you need him. Be there for him with our vast selection of the safest collars with reflective threads, size ranges and the ultimate in durability or comfort.

A cowboy and his dog, like their love and loyalty to one another lasts a lifetime. Let Stages West make sure that bond remains for that lifetime and that the love you have and have been given is reflected in the careful, tender care you give them.