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About Stages West

Boot Stores in Pigeon Forge

When life gets tough, we work hard and focus on the things that matter most.


About Justin Boots

Our roots go back more than 130 years. Justin® Boot Company has been handcrafting western footwear since 1879

About Corral Boots

Founded in 1999, Corral Boots was the first western brand to introduce the concept of fashion-forward cowgirl boots to the entire world.

About Frye

We love hearing where Frye products go after they leave our factories.

Myths About Western Wear

As tried and true American cowboys, there are a lot of stereotypes and myths that crop up from time to time.

About Double H Boots

For over 50 years, Double-H Boots® has redefined extraordinary — crafting innovative work western and dress styles designed for todays new breed of cowboy

About Dan Post Boots

Dan Post is an iconic western brand with a heritage of challenging the status quo.

About Black Jack Boots

Since 1996, we take great pride in presenting the finest handmade boots, belts and accesories in the industry.

History of American Western Wear

Western wear is a style of clothing that innately carries American history in its fabric.

About Lane Boots

Whether you are new to this Western lifestyle and just got your first pair of boots or you got your 15th pair to add to your collection

Anatomy of a Cowboy Boot

There’s plenty of terminology that can be confusing, but cowboy boots shouldn’t be one of them!


Sizing Jeans for Kids

Let's have some real talk. Our little ones grow and grow fast!

Guide to Jean Sizing

The cowboy hats. The cowboy shirt. And then? The jeans.

Jean Styles Guide

Bootcut? Slim stacked and skinny?

Cowboy Boot Style Guide

The fashion world is falling in love all over again with cowboy boots, but these practical boots have a deep-rooted history in the Wild West.

Boot Fit Guide

In the market for your first or next pair of cowboy boots?

Rodeo Dress Codes

Rodeos are growing in popularity all over the United States, and as they grow in size and popularity, they grow in crowds as well.

Boot Sizing Guide

Below are some important tips about boot sizing, please read these before returning a pair of boots!

Small Cowboy Boot Repairs

New boots or your old, worn, but favorite cowboy boots that fit your feet like a second glove—all face the same chance of accidents.

Shoe Insole Guide

Many of us often overlook wearing insoles with our boots or shoes.

Cowboy Hat Cleaning

Some things in life are inevitable. Dirt, dust, sweat, mud, and wear and tear can happen to everyone and everything

Kids Boot Sizing

Kids are little bundles of energy. They’re up and running quicker than you can grab your first coffee in the morning sometimes.

Cowboy Boots Buying Guide

With so many cowboy boot brands available now, it may feel very difficult to find the right style for you.

Fragrance Buying Guide

Finding an everyday scent or the perfect perfume for a special occasion can be overwhelming.


Western Themed Weddings

Most little girls dream about their future wedding, some even rope in a friend or dog to play the groom in their make-believe wedding as a child.

Elements of a Western Shirt

What elements makes a Western shirt?Authenticity is as important to you as it is to us.

How Western Wear Became High Fashion

For some people, Western wear is not just a type of clothing—it’s a lifestyle.

Men's Cowboy Boot Styles

Are cowboy boots in your typical footwear rotation? If you work on a farm or ranch, you may very well own a pair of Western work boots.

Western Dress Styles

Dressing for the Western lifestyle you know and love means more than just wearing your favorite pair of jeans and boots every day.

Riding Boots vs. Fashion Boots Comparison

There are a multitude of boot styles out there. While some people prefer traditional cowboy boots

Ways to Wear Cowboy Boots

Everyone needs a versatile pair of shoes.


Cowboy Boot Maintenance

There is a special sense of pride in owning and wearing a high-quality pair of cowboy boots.

How To Care For Denim Tips

When you purchase a high quality pair of denim jeans or jacket, you’ll want to extend the life of the material for as long as possible.

Difference in Work Boots and Cowboy Boots

Work boots or cowboy boots? It's a tough decision at first when safety is important to you, luckily we help you know the difference between work boots and cowboy boots to make the right choice.

Best Socks for Cowboy Boots and Why

Now we talk a lot about our cowboy boots. It's part of our identity as cowgirls and cowboys with the love of all things Western embedded deeply into the roots of our lives, our history, and our country.

Cowboy Hat Storage

A cowboy hat isn't just a hat. It's a signifier. A statement to a way of life that has been distinctly American for more than a century. It's a must for the Western way or the Western at heart.

How to Wear a Bolo Tie

It is New Mexico's state official neckwear, as it is in Arizona as well. America's indigenous silversmiths and people living all over the Southwest desert are not only famous for making them but for wearing them as well.

Different Ways to Break in Cowboy Boots

There’s always a bit of excitement when it comes to new boots. The smell of the leather, the sheen, knowing exactly what you are going to wear them with.

Cowboy Boot Storage Tips

Whether you are new to this Western lifestyle and just got your first pair of boots or you got your 15th pair to add to your collection

How To Care For Cowboy Hats

If you’re an avid cowboy hat wearer, then maintaining your hats is key for getting the most out of them.

Elements of a Cowboy Hat

Crown shape, brim types, dimples and more. The style of a cowboy hat is just about as varied as the kinds

Ariat Brand

Horseback riding or bull riding professionals can make the sport look easy.

The History of Jeans

They come in traditional blue, midnight black, bright pink. They can come pre-distressed, dip-dyed or custom-tailored but no matter what shape or form the come in?

The History of Leather and Cowboy Boots

When it comes to a good, hardy cowboy boot that lasts, can withstand stirrup use, mud, the weather, and everything you encounter on your feet

Different Cowboy Hat Styles

Crown shape, brim types, dimples and more. The style of a cowboy hat

Dangers of Cowboy Boots that Don't Fit Right

In Western tradition, long-term boot wearing is simply a part of life. Cowboys on the trail with cattle seldom removed their boots while out—even while sleeping.

Benefits of Wearing Cowboy Boots

Other than the hat, the cowboy boot has historically been one of the single most iconic symbol and recognized wearable for cowboy or cowgirl in life and at heart.

How to Choose a Toe Shape for Your Boots

When you love cowboy boots as much as we do, there's so much about them that we love to share.

How to Accessorize With Cowboy Boots

When it comes to Western style, there is little that can compete in comfort and longevity of style.

Christmas Gift Guide

With the season for family, friends, hot cocoa, and gifts with tinsel and glitter right around the corner it'll soon be time to rustle up some gifts for the cowgirl or cowboy in your life.=.

Cowboy Boot Sizing Guide

No two feet are exactly alike, even your own. When it comes to finding the perfect fit for your new cowboy boots, things become quite different than your regular shoe fitting.