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How to Loosen & Stretch Cowboy Boots

Aug 31st 2022

How to Break in a New Pair of Cowboy BootsWhen you see a pair of cowboy boots you love, you just gotta grab them—but, unfortunately, not all cowboy boots are comfortable enough to wear right out of the box. As rugged and rigid as they are, sometimes it takes a bit of work to make them feel like they were destined for your feet. Follow our tips to break in your new cowboy or cowgirl boots and you’ll feel better the next time you pull on a pair for work, chores, or going out.Should Cowboy Boots Be …
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Denim Western Wear Fashion Tips

Aug 16th 2022

Guide to Denim Western WearDenim is an ideal material for durable work clothes and carefree casual outfits—and it’s not just for jackets and jeans. Denim wear has expanded to include everything from shirts to sneakers and accessories. This rugged material is perfect for cowboys to wear to work, but it’s also a great-looking fabric that suits a variety of casual occasions. Explore our buying guide to learn more about denim Western wear and how to choose the right pieces for your wardrobe.The Hist …
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Top 5 Benefits of Cowboy Boots

Aug 9th 2022

Our Favorite Reasons for Wearing Cowboy BootsWestern-style boots made their first appearance decades ago—historically, worn in Texas and Mexico in the 1800s, inspired by earlier styles from Spain. The popularity of Western boots has extended beyond cowboys and cowgirls: Fashion icons, country singers, and cheerleaders have shown off the style. Explore our five favorite benefits of wearing cowboy boots, then find a perfect pair (or more) for you.1) Leather Cowboy Boots Protect Your Legs and FeetT …
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