Aug 9th 2022

Top 5 Benefits of Cowboy Boots

Our Favorite Reasons for Wearing Cowboy Boots

Western-style boots made their first appearance decades ago—historically, worn in Texas and Mexico in the 1800s, inspired by earlier styles from Spain. The popularity of Western boots has extended beyond cowboys and cowgirls: Fashion icons, country singers, and cheerleaders have shown off the style. Explore our five favorite benefits of wearing cowboy boots, then find a perfect pair (or more) for you.

1) Leather Cowboy Boots Protect Your Legs and Feet

Throughout history, cowboys have relied on their boots to keep their feet and legs protected. The tall leather shaft provides a barrier to reduce rubbing and friction while in the saddle, as well as to protect your legs from scrapes from bushes, sticks, cacti, and other hazards. The tough vamp protects against cow or horse hooves, and for some styles, even snake bites.

Cowboy boot soles, traditionally crafted of leather, protect against sharp stones and debris while you’re walking and provide protection while using tools on the ranch. New sole options, including rubber, TPU, and PVC, are ideal options for work boots because they provide extra comfort and traction, preventing slips. Steel toe Western work boots protect the toes against dropped items and crushing forces to keep your feet safe on the jobsite. And, because cowboy boots are made to last, the soles and leather can be repaired for even longer use.

2) Cowboy Boots Can Be Waterproof

If you’ve properly treated your leather cowboy boots, they can resist water spots and staining and may even be waterproof to an extent. While leather cowboy boots naturally repel water in small amounts, they’re not usually fully waterproof without specific treatment. These waterproofing treatments must be reapplied regularly for best protection, too—so add it to your regular boot maintenance schedule.

Some modern Western-style work boots are manufactured with waterproof-treated outers, inner membranes, and soles designed to keep your feet dry. Breathable or vented features wick away sweat for cooling comfort. Even if already waterproofed, proper application of waterproofing treatments can improve protection.

3) Cowboy Boot Toes and Heels Are Designed for Riding

Cowboy boots have been developed by expert bootmakers and equestrians for comfort, support, and stability while in the saddle. Your heel may slip while you're wearing new cowboy boots, but only until they're broken in. Inside the boot, the heel cup supports your foot. The more you wear them, the soles form to your feet for a custom fit.

Outside, the pointed toe makes slipping your feet into stirrups easier, and the boot’s heel keeps your feet in place while you ride. The leather soles of cowboy boots are also created for safety while riding: If you fall from the saddle, the smooth soles will slip from the stirrup irons easier, keeping you from getting stuck.

4) Traditional and Modern Styles to Suit Everybody

From traditional stitching and pointed toes to boots with sparkly rhinestones and modern rounded toes, there’s a Western boot style for every taste, whether for riding, casual days, or dressy occasions. The classic cowboy boot has evolved through the decades to be more than work footwear—popping up on runways, concert stages, on brides and grooms, and anywhere else you can imagine. Modern designs mean these boots are easier to wear, no matter where you’re headed.

Pair cowboy boots with jeans and a Western shirt for a night out with friends, choose cowgirl boots to go with your favorite ruffled skirt for brunch and shopping, or wear a pair of Western boots in a bold color for a special occasion. These styles go beyond work for play-all-day attitude that brings cowboy spirit to every day or event.

5) New Technologies Make Cowboy Boots More Comfortable

Ignore the myths about cowboy boots: While people used to think cowboy boots were uncomfortable, new and high-quality boots from top Western brands are redesigned for wearability. Because cowboy boots were originally worn for riding, they were shaped to support the feet and ankles while in the saddle—not for walking. These days, they’re perfect for so much more: Cushioned insoles provide incredible comfort, whether walking, riding, or working. Other features, from moisture-wicking properties and breathable linings, keep your feet cool and dry. Hybrid cowboy boots are designed for protection while working, in the Western styles to suit your tastes and wardrobe.

Cowboy boots are fashionable, durable, and purpose-built for riding and work—perfect, no matter why you choose to wear them. Explore our blog for more Western wear and cowboy boot tips and information.