Hat Care and Accessories

Cowgirl Hat Care and Accessories

Give your cowgirl hat a little extra care with cleaning products and Western accessories from Stages West. Discover solutions to restore and refresh your favorite Western accessory: felt cleaners to remove spots and stains and hat bands for a little personality.  A Western hat band slips onto the crown of your felt, wool, or leather cowgirl hat. Choose from beaded or leather hat bands or styles with accent rings or rivets to make your cowgirl hat stand out. These Western hat bands are adjustable, too: Buckles, ties, or slide closures provide a perfect fit.

Western Hat Bands and Felt Hat Cleaner 

The best way to clean a felt hat is to use a cleaner designed to remove grease, oil, and water-based stains. We carry easy-to-apply cleaners made especially for cowgirl hats. To use the cleaner, ensure your cowgirl hat is completely dry, then shake or brush off any dirt. Spray the cleaner on your felt cowgirl hat to get rid of stubborn spots, wait a few minutes for the solution to lift the stains, then brush away any remaining debris. Browse our hat care products, felt cleaners, and Western-style hat bands to find the perfect accessories for your cowgirl hat.

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