Faux Felt and Wool

Women's Faux Felt and Wool Cowgirl Hats 

Top off your outfit with a high-quality women’s Western hat crafted in premium wool or durable faux felt. While originally preferred to provide warmth in winter and block rain, sleet, and snow, the hats in our collection are for more than wintertime wear alone. Our wool and felt cowgirl hats are versatile enough to while running errands or enjoying a day out on the town.

Choose a felt or wool hat in the color or shape to suit your tastes: You’ll find women’s cowboy hats adorned with feathers, leather hat bands, or decorative grosgrain ribbon. Leather sweatbands wick away moisture, and felt or wool construction is durable and comfortable enough for everyday activities—from school pick-up to catching up with friends at lunch. Ideal for work or travel, our crushable, packable wool hats stand up to the elements and reshape to their original form. Choose a casually floppy women’s open crown Western hat, or a rustic yet fashionable pinchfront hat. For a night out, a women's cowboy hat with a concho hat band makes a bold statement. Explore the faux felt and wool cowgirl hats at Stages West to find the one that’s right for you.

Western-Style Felt and Wool Hats for Women 

What Are the Different Cowgirl Hat Shapes?

Cowgirl hats feature different crown shapes and the creases (or indents) in the crown. The most common cowgirl hat shapes include:

  • Open crown. A women’s Western open crown hat is round and smooth with no dimples or creases.
  • Pinchfront hat. As the name suggests, a pinchfront women’s cowboy hat features two pinches—one on either side of the crown—creating a V-shape on the top.
  • Cattleman. The Cattleman is the most traditional Western-style hat, featuring three creases on the top of the crown and a slightly curved brim.
  • Gambler. A smaller brim and shorter crown make the oval-shaped Gambler cowgirl hat a favorite for people with smaller heads and faces.
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