Your entire life has been all about character, vitality, and probably a whole lot of grit too. You show the world every single day all these qualities and more from the way you act to the way you dress to the way you handle the ranch home. Why not reflect that same beloved Old West moxie and determination that got you here today in your home?

Stages West has everything you need as your number one quality Western store since our first opening way back in East Tennessee. After 44 years of American raised, family-owned business expertise we've thoroughly picked and presented a Western home décor collection that we know will represent you best. Your warmth, family ideals and ideal comfort from wall to wall or right down to the very plate on your table.

The timeless beauty of the Wild West, with rugged cowboy charm and rustic looks brought together in a curated Western Décor collection we know you will adore. Set the stage in your home with the high-grade craftsmanship in furniture and more you know you'll always find from us. Vivid wall art that will add a touch of down-home charm to any room, vintage-inspired reproduction of Old West style photo frames, and rich lush tapestries that become the centerpiece to your perfect Western home. We've got you, and all of that, covered.

Our breath-taking rugs are packed with character and vibrancy in color as well as design. Welcoming hues can recall the gorgeousness of the South West with the softest feel for your toes after a full day of hard labor.

We promise we have everything you need for vintage elegance with outstanding character to get the precise look you want as well as love. Don't forget to light up your new Western décor home with candle holders reproduced and inspired lovingly from our favorite Old West era.

Come home to the best Western décor. Come home to the same character, vitality and grit with a classic country style you've come to love every night.