Women's Western & Cowgirl Straw Hats

A women’s straw cowgirl hat is a perfect accessory to beat the summertime heat. Breathable, lightweight straw hats allow plenty of airflow to keep your head cool while you work or play. Wear a Western straw hat to the beach, on the ranch, or while kicking around town when the temperatures soar. In true cowgirl fashion, these straw hats are available in traditional open, pinch front, and cattleman crowns with Western hatbands and accents.

Not only does a straw hat look great and help keep you cool, it also protects your head and face from the sun’s damaging UV rays. A women’s Western straw hat with a wide brim shields your face from the sun for instant shade wherever you go. Choose a straw cowgirl hat with the brim size, vent design, and traditional or modern Western-inspired details you like for a look that’s completely yours. We carry durable straw cowgirl hats that were made to last by popular hatmakers including Ariat and Charlie Horse Hats.

Explore breathable and lightweight straw hats in both loose and tight woven designs. A women’s straw cowgirl hat with a loose weave is perfect for casual days. Opt for a tightly woven straw cowgirl hat with a detailed design for a dressier occasion. Stay cool on sunny days when you choose a durable women’s straw cowgirl hat from Stages West.