Women's Felt Cowgirl Hats 

Top off your look with a traditional or modern women’s felt cowgirl hat or Western-style fedora. Explore cowgirl hats that feature leather and beaded hat bands or subtle, decorative accents, or choose a not-so-traditional felt fedora in a fashionable color beyond the standard black and brown options.

Felt Western Hats and Fedoras for Women

Felt cowgirl hats and fedoras keep you warm and block the wind in cold weather, which is why they’re often preferred for days spend on the ranch or running errands—but this favorite style can be dressy enough to wear for an evening out, as well. Browse our collection to find a Western-inspired felt hat for any occasion, from casual to sophisticated.

Can a Felt Cowgirl Hat Get Wet?

While felt cowgirl hats are naturally water-resistant and can get wet, they’re not meant to stay wet. When your hat gets wet from rain or snow, shake off or blot away the excess water, turn down the sweatband, and place the hat upside down—on its crown, never on the brim, which can damage the hat—to let it air dry. Always allow your hat to dry fully before storing it. Do not attempt to dry your felt cowgirl hat with a hairdryer or other heat source. Keeping your hat clean and pre-treating can prevent water spots or staining.

Should Your Cowgirl Hat Match Your Boots?

When it comes to coordinating your cowgirl hat and Western boots, the choice is yours: Some women prefer a uniform, all-matching look, while others enjoy a mix-and-match approach. For a splash of color, coordinate your fedora or cowgirl hat with boot bracelets, your purse, or a scarf rather than simply matching your boot and hat colors.

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