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Cowboy Boot Cleaners & Accessories

Well-made Western boots are an investment, and the better you care for them, the longer they will last. Wearing your cowboy boots often helps you achieve that lived-in look—but it takes proper leather care to get a perfectly broken-in appearance. Our collection of boot accessories, insoles, leather cleaners, and conditioners are designed to help you keep your boots clean and comfortable.

Find the cowboy boot accessories you need to stay comfortable, even after long hours on your feet. Explore specialized insoles, including options to replace your insoles or to use in addition to the original insoles. Don’t underestimate the power of a perfect fit: The best insoles for cowboy boots are designed specifically for use with Western boots—this means they’re the right shape and size and provide the ideal cushioning to suit your needs. We carry insoles from some of the top bootmakers in the industry, including Ariat. From insoles with gel-infused heels or deep heel cups to thinner insoles that provide a bit more cushioning, find options for just-right comfort, here. These insoles improve comfort with moisture-wicking and antimicrobial materials and improved airflow for breathability.

Cowboy Boot Insoles, Leather Cleaners, and Accessories

Don’t forget the importance of maintaining your cowboy boots by cleaning and conditioning the leather. Our accessories collection includes boot cleaning kits, leather conditioners, and boot cream to ensure you have what you need for proper cowboy boot care. Keep your leather boots in top shape with replacement accessories, too. We carry replacement laces and boot bracelets, as well as boot hooks and travel bags for easy storage or packing. As you break in your boots, use our boot accessories to provide proper care to extend their lifespan.

How to Clean Cowboy Boots

You should clean your boots every three to six months, depending on where and how often you wear them. If your boots get wet, allow them to air-dry, then clean and condition them to prevent cracking or damage. To properly clean your cowboy boots, check the care instructions that came from the bootmaker. Generally, you can follow these steps to clean, condition, and polish your leather cowboy or Western-style boots:

  1. Clean: Use a damp cloth or boot brush to clean away dirt and debris. A toothbrush can help you get into hard-to-reach areas near the sole. Then, use a leather cleaner as needed to remove set-in spots that won't budge.
  2. Condition: Use a leather conditioner designed for cowboy boots, and apply according to the included instructions. Generally, you'll massage the conditioner into the boot using a clean cloth. Ensure you condition every part of the boot, and add more conditioner if the leather is extra dry and seems to soak up your application quickly.
  3. Polish: Polish should only be used on boots that have a finish, and this step is optional but does provide a protective layer. If you'd like to buff out deep scratches or damaged leather, a boot cream or leather polish may help you restore the finish. Simply choose a polish that matches your boot tone, apply, then buff.
  4. Protect: Apply waterproofing and stain repellent treatments to protect leather and suede boots against moisture, spills, and messes.

To maintain suede boots, use a suede brush to properly clean the suede without damaging it. To clean exotic leather such as ostrich, snake, lizard, or other reptile leather, follow the same steps but always choose an appropriate cleaner and conditioner designed to maintain and lubricate the scales and prevent cracking—and brush with the grain, rather than against it.

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